Scots are invited to form human chain in solidarity with Catalan independence

14 Agost 2013

Catalans living outside Catalonia, and those who sympathise with Catalan demands for self-determination will also be able to participate in a series of smaller scale human chains being organised in a number of cities around the world.  The newly formed branch of the ANC in Scotland, ANC-Scotland, is organising a human chain in Edinburgh on 25 August as a demonstration of solidarity with Catalan demands for independence. All Catalans resident in Scotland, and all those who wish to express solidarity with an independent Catalonia, are welcome to participate. 

To register for participation in the human chain planned in Edinburgh, please visit the following link:  http://catalanassembly.org/inscripcio-viainternacional/

More information: http://ancescocia.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/scots-to-form-human-chain-in-solidarity-with-catalan-independence/ and http://newsnetscotland.com/index.php/affairs-scotland/7839-hold-hands-with-catalonia 

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