ANC organitza V a Edimburg/ Scotland will host a Catalan V

12 Agost 2014


The ANC- Scotland has requested the Scotland’s Catalan Centre to forward the following message: 

“We are ready for independence. This is the message that the 2014 Catalan National Day demonstration will send to the world. And the channel will be to form a giant human V in Barcelona. Just like 2013 Catalan Way, international V’s are also being organised, and Edinburgh will host one on August the 30th at 4pm at Calton Hill.

We will make the “V” to claim for Vote for Catalans referendum, happening in November 9th. A V for Vote, a V for Will (Voluntat), a V for Way (Via) towards independence, will aim at showing the majority will of the Catalans of ruling their own future. The V in Edinburgh will give the Catalans living in Scotland the opportunity to take part of it, but also will give Scots supporting Catalan independence a chance to show this support.

Get ready for the event, join us to build a human “V” and take your place in the history!

Even everyone can simply show up at the day of the event, organisers ask and strongly recommend to register for participation. This can be done in 10 seconds at votecatalonia.organd will highly facilitate organisation.

Ara és l’hora!”

Register here: http://votecatalonia.org/en/participate/ 

More info: https://www.facebook.com/ANCEscocia 

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