Human mosaic to form Estelada flag at Glasgow – 2nd Nov

23 Octubre 2014

On the morning of Sunday 2nd November ANC-England and ANC-Scotland will coordinate the organisation of a human mosaic to form a Estelada (Catalan) flag. To make it a big success, we need the participation of at least 100 people. Register here to make it happen!

Participants will gather at George Square at Glasgow, and form the mosaic. Each participant will hold a cardboard.

The aim of the activity is to gather support for DEMOCRACY. On the 9th November Catalans are called to a lawful, non-binding consultation on their future, which the Spanish government is to block. Catalans need the international support to let democracy solve the conflict, as Spain fails at recognising the right to self-determination.

More info. http://ancescocia.wordpress.com/2014/10/12/human-mosaic-to-form-estelada-flag-at-glasgow/

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